Matt Robinson aka Mister Robinson


  • I’ve Barbered in one way or another around the world for over 25 years !

Now by the grace of God, I am Owner & founder of Mister Robinson’s Barbershop in Rugby aka the “temple of chill” & “the bearded mans monastery” which houses a team of skilled barbers that crusade to the Handsome, Humble and Honest hirsute residents of Rugby and has established its place firmly within the barbering world !

An evangelist minister with a passion for life, his family, for those less fortunate and for people who wish to involve themselves and work to the benefit of each other and the community that has housed him for over a decade.


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the nicest barber in the world


Freddie IS the MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD and possibly the worst golfer ever to play the game.

His words are as smooth as his skin fades and his approach to work is as gentle as a lamb but be warned he is a lion at heart, a serious grafter and a GentleMAN.

Freddie’s the glue that has held this team together for over 8 years starting his trade at Mister Robinson’s back in the early days…

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Arthur Roberto

Arthur is full of passion, enthusiasm and respect for barbering,

He has now racked up 5 years of experience starting his career here at Mister Robinson’s as our first PROSPECT with his grit and determination to make something of his life he has earned our respect.

Arthur offers the highest level of service that we are proud of and trust me no shit leaves the shop. Get yourselves booked in and come and see what all the fuss is about!

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She’s back!


Lots of you will remember Tracy from before lockdown started!

She’s gonna guest spot for a couple days every now and again so come say hello and catch her whilst she’s around !

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Luca has all the makings off a master barber, his passion, enthusiasm and respect for the craft are what attracted us to him,

He has 6 years of cutting experience 4 of those with us specialising in all hair types, modern and past styles. Luca offers a high level of service to make your experience as comfortable as possible,

Get yourselves booked come and see what he’s all about!

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Guess who's back...

Matt Bines aka "Poco Diablo"

Matt aka Poco Diablo is guest spotting on Wednesdays for a while and a lot of you will remember Matt from before!

A huge talent with a huge heart and a huge laugh and great presence on the shop floor!

Unforgettable barber who will without doubt fill the shop with joy and pop out some seriously tailored haircuts ! Exciting times. Book NOW

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A fellow member of the Female British Barbering Association (FBBA)

Maisie Speed

Not just a cover girl but an amazingly gifted barber.

She has been exploring the barbering world from great heights since she started only 8 years ago!

With product and equipment sponsorships an incredible portfolio that features published work yet despite her mild temper and timid nature she has the attitude of a winner.

Everything she does is done with passion and respect!

If your lucky you may get in on an already long list of clients and have Maisie cut your hair.

Good luck

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